John Austin – Jurisprudence

John Austin(1790-1859) John Austin was born in 1790. He served as an army officer for five years till 1812. He was called to the bar in 1818 after his graduation. His attention was on to equity, Draftmanship¬† and legal practice. He joined as professor of law in the newly founded benthamite¬† university college in London. … Read more

Importance Of Jurisprudence

Importance of Jurisprudence It is often said that jurisprudence being an abstract and theoretical subject is not of any practical use but it is not correct to say so because jurisprudence has its own utility. Its utilities are as follows – Salmond pointed out that, jurisprudence has its own intrinsic interest like any other subject … Read more

Jurisprudence – Its Scope & Contents

Scope of Jurisprudence The scope of Jurisprudence has increased over the years. It is generally believed that the scope of jurisprudence cannot be circumscribed. In broadest sense, Jurisprudence includes all concepts of human order and human conduct in state and in society. Simply put, anything that concerns order in the state and society will be … Read more

Meaning & Definitions of Jurisprudence

Introduction: The word Jurisprudence is derived from a Latin word Jurisprudentia which in its widest sense means, “Knowledge of Law” or “Skill in law”. The Latin word juris means law and the word prudentia means skill or knowledge. Thus the word Jurisprudence signifies knowledge of law and its application. In this sense, Jurisprudence covers the … Read more